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VGC Chromatography LLC, located in Dayton, Ohio, manufactures and sells consumable components and instrumentation for the chemical analysis industry. Specifically, we develop and manufacture variable geometry columns (VGCs) for the gas chromatography (GC) industry.

July 2014 marked the launch of our First Adopters Program for our faster, more-efficient differential acceleration columns that have a retention gradient built into the column that typically enables the same or better chromatographic performance as conventional open tubular columns, but in 20-40% less time.

Would your business benefit from a 40% decrease on your gas chromatography analysis time? Click here for more on our First Adopters Program.

Unlike previous high-speed GC columns that require costly method development time, your current method will work with VGC technology and increase your productivity today.

Our columns are made in Ohio, USA, according to our patented stationary phase deposition process. Learn more about how VGC columns work.

Patents: US 8323504, US 8377309, US 8329038
Patent Pending: US 20120118156
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